Medical School Admissions Consulting

A one of a kind, approach driven strategy dedicated to helping students come to be physicians. Primarily based on our past expertise, 95% of our students demand four of hours of consulting or much less. is devoted to the individual statement as it relates to medical school admissions, but as a health-related college admissions consultant, my consulting applications and on the net courses assist premeds with all areas of the admissions course of action. Our medical school admissions consulting services expense $300 per hour.

Our knowledgeable consultants will review your personal statement, activities and all other elements of your primary application to assure that they accurately and meaningfully reflect your story, experiences and exclusive strengths. Our skilled healthcare college admissions consultants will provide you with a single-on-a single mock interview preparation and deliver you with in-dept techniques and guidance on how to ace your medical college interview.

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We have extensive knowledge operating with non-standard, career changers and post-baccalaureate students and are able to supply tailored guidance, assistance and approaches for these students. Admissions prices to top rated-tier healthcare schools are normally less than 10% and the all round admission price for MD and DO schools remains beneath 50% Our seasoned admissions consultant admit rates average 90%.Medical School Admissions Consulting

Our medical school admissions consulting solutions cost $300 per hour.

Our packages generally consist of a healthcare school coach as well as a writing coach: Our health-related college coaches are from best health-related schools, and they are devoted to making use of their practical experience and understanding to enable their customers obtain admission into the most selective applications in the globe. The Essayologist assists you tailor your essays to meet every single health-related school’s higher requirements, delivering critical feedback on every single draft in rapid turnaround time. From personal statement writing to admissions interview prep and reference letter consulting, we guide you through just about every step of the the application method and make confident you have the finest probabilities of obtaining into your dream health-related college.

Medical School Admissions Consulting is my key gig, but I also support students get accepted to dental school, law college, MBA school, and other graduate programs. We will evaluation your secondary applications and help you craft essays that are consistent with and complimentary to your individual statement and that reflect your qualities and strengths in the most optimistic way. Gifted coaches whom we selected to perform with students through the med school application process primarily based on their extraordinary academic accomplishments, editorial and admissions experience, and facility as writing coaches.

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The Essayologist offers specialist consulting on your Individual Statement, delivering crucial feedback on each draft in fast turnaround time. This is not the time to be modest – you require to convey why you are an exemplary leader and person, not just an outstanding healthcare school candidate. Of the exceptional population that applies to teach for Cambridge Coaching, these dynamic coaches stand out for their academic credentials, interpersonal fluency, and admissions experience.

The Essayologist presents expert consulting on your Private Statement and description paragraphs, supplying crucial feedback on each and every draft in rapid turnaround time. Our internal database has access to up-to-date GPA and MCAT medians for all US MD programs, so we will be in a position to evaluate your numbers to your target schools. Highly seasoned coaches with exceptional track records helping students gain admission to the most elite medical schools.

Medical School Admissions Consulting – Medical School Admissions Consulting is my major gig, but I also assistance students get accepted to dental school, law college, MBA college, and other graduate programs.

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