Konfeo – Thanks To Them, Organizing Events Is Easy As Never Before

Konfeo was created to facilitate the organization of major events such as workshops, training courses, scientific and business conferences. The system is based on the latest technological solutions. Thanks to this, you can sign up for events in an extremely easy way. This solution is beneficial for the organizers of all events and it saves a lot of time and nerves. The conference organizer doesn’t have to worry about registration and payment process at all.

Konfeo’s advantages

Konfeo was created by specialists who have been designing network applications for over 12 years. They are practitioners of their industry and they perfectly know what solutions business clients need. The system is characterized by three basic features. First of all, it is easy to use – each user will learn to use the system intuitively in no time. The second important feature is the security of the collected data – system architecture is built for comprehensive data protection using SSL protocol. Thirdly, the system demonstrates operational reliability – it is the most important feature of network applications. Konfeo has already served more than 5,000 events with over 150,000 registrations. This system of organizing events embodies philosophy „less is more” in practice. We know that when designing a network application, you should avoid the accumulation of functions, options, configurations. Therefore, Konfeo offers functions that are most useful for event organizers:

  • Event statistics – Instantly check the registration status for the conference and the balance of payments.
  • Individual registration forms – You can create individual registration forms. You can easily change data and attendees’ status.
  • Online payments – For the convenience of customers, online payments go directly to your account. Thanks to this you can be sure that your money is always safe.
  • Group registration – Facilitating the organization of events, we provide the opportunity to register a group of people on one form. All you need to do is set the maximum and the minimum number of participants reported.
  • New event creator – Especially for you, we’ve launched a new event creator. All you have to do, to launch an event, is provide the most important information in 3 short steps of the creator. You can complete the rest of the data later.

In addition to basic features, Konfeo also has another advantage: You don’t have to sit in the office to use the application. With any mobile device, you can instantly get access to all the information you need. With the help of Konfeo, you can significantly improve the position of your company on the market by conducting well-organized events. As you can see, the Konfeo system is a very useful technological solution.


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